Empirical Research

  • Dissertation focuses on the use of data and research evidence by practitioners
  • A primary area of research focuses on teacher effectiveness and measures of teaching quality
  • Mixed methodologist proficient in a wide variety of methodological designs (as well as an understanding of the philosophical assumptions behind different approaches):
    • Designed and conducted social network analyses to investigate professional trust
    • Have engaged in interpretivist ethnography and interviewing  as well as participatory action research
    • Have designed quasiexperimental propensity matching formulas and am familiar with regression discontinuity
  • Proficient and experienced in regression, factor analysis, and social network analysis; familiar with MANOVA and HLM

Organizational Research

  • Investigating research and evidence use by practitioners ($50,000 grant from the W.T. Grant Foundation)
  • Analyzed Race to the Top teacher evaluation systems ($40,000 grant from American Federation of Teachers)
  • Extensive interviewing of populations that include teachers in urban schools in the United States
  • Worked with social studies teachers to develop participatory action research programs for students

Project Design and Management

  • Led major long-term production projects from project conceptualization through completion
  • Managed developer teams as project lead for substantial infrastructure projects
  • Worked collaboratively with non-technical stakeholders to understand their needs and translate them into technical solutions

Technical Proficiencies

  • Programming proficiency includes Python, Javascript/jQuery, Perl, Java, C, and several others. Experienced in polyglot systems and Agile development processes.
  • Expertise in database design, development, and use; includes schema design (3NF / BCNF) for large scale OLTP systems and Business Intelligence/OLAP contexts in Oracle and SQL Server. I’ve also developed and run standalone MySQL, Postgres, and SQLite system.
  • Expertise in R and Dedoose, and experienced in SPSS and Atlas.ti